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Lancefield D Estelle

Lancefield D Estelle 652/D, one of our original donor cows



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Thank you for your interest in our stud Brahman and Charbray Cattle and/or Australian Stock Horses. 

We aim to provide top quality, "easy doing" grey Brahman and Charbray cattle and camp-drafting stock horses for our clients.

 Our breeding philosophies and contact details are below. 




Our aim is to breed quality Australian Stock Horses that are top campdrafting prospects with show quality looks.

With this objective in mind we purchased three fertile foundation mares with excellent conformation, from the Vet School Stud. 

They are by the top campdrafting sires, Blue Moon Mystic, Kirkby's Stud Remedy and Kirkby's Major. Select 'Foundation Mares' above for photos, pedigrees etc.

These mares are bred each year to top campdrafting sires. Stallions used in the AI programs to date include Adios Reflect, Blue Moon Mystic, Tassa Lena, Acres Destiny and Hazelwood Conman. 

Sires used for natural services so far include Kyabra Cattle Baron, Marnies Destiny, Boonara Dartagnan, Boonara Mentor and Rambler Marnies Command

Select 'Sires Used' above for further details.

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We aim to produce quiet, fertile, functional grey POLL Brahmans for our clients.

We have sold our Glastonbury property and our complete Brahman stud herd is available for sale.

All cattle now sold

Fertility is by far the single most important driver of profitability in commercial herds and hence is our principal emphasis. However we also place great importance on temperament, growth (our cattle generally have above breed averages growth EBV’s without being excessive), doing ability and conformation, we also even cull for buffalo fly resistance.

The quality of our breeding herd was built up very quickly by the use of extensive embryo transfer programs over 10 years ago using superior donor cows purchased from Lancefield, Brahrock and other studs. Click on the “Donor Cows” link above for photos and further details.

Sires used in those ET programs included just breed greats as JDH Datapack, Mr International, JDH Karu Manso 800, Mr V8 287/5 (Superstroke), JDH Dynasty, JDH Mr Brandon and many others.

For the last five years we have been concentrating on using good boned, fertile POLL bulls either by artificial insemination or by natural service. AI sires used to date include Huonfels Jacob Rio and Fairy Springs Dazzler. For the natural servicing we have used quality poll grey bulls by JDH Karu Manso 800 and JDH Mr Brandon.

Our CHARBRAYS are generally 25% Charolais and 75% Brahman and are by poll Brahman bulls out
of 50/50 cows by our $10,000 Palgrove Charolais bull. They are growthy, easy doing cattle and are all extremely quiet.


Pat Hartigan
33 Turner Road
Wilsons Pocket

0419 665 647


We are situated east of Gympie in South East Queensland